Top 7 Best Baby Walkers For Tall Babies [2022-2023]

Best Baby Walker For Tall Babies
June 5, 2021

Best Baby Walkers 2022As a parent, the most impressive things you will witness is those first wobbly baby steps. The wobbling of your baby will not last forever but your baby can fall over. 

The Baby Walker is a proven method to help your baby start walking without fall over. It will help your baby to reach those first step safely and finding there feet in life.

“The Best Tall Baby Walkers” are designed to encourage your tall baby to take their very first steps. The right baby walker will help your toddler to develop key leg muscle groups that are needed to balance on their own two feet and they will learn the movement of taking steps.

So if you have a growing up baby then consider buying a baby walker. After many research and testing, we have selected the top 7 list of best baby walkers for tall babies to help you choose the right one for your little one.

Our recommendation for the best baby walker for tall babies is Baby Trend Trend Walker

Best Baby Walker For Tall Babies

Top 7 Best Baby Walkers For Tall Babies Reviews 

1. Baby Trend Trend Walker

Baby Trend Trend WalkerThe Baby Trend Walker is designed for safety, comfort and with your baby’s needs in mind. This baby walker is easy to use and fun for your baby.

The Emily Baby Trend Walker is also easy to set up, fold and clean. For moving freely it has multi-directional wheels. The extra-wide base will give your baby superior support and stability.

The Baby Trend Walker has a removable toy bar and a large surround tray. For added comfort you will get a three-position height adjustable and high-back padded seat for 0 to 12 Months, 12 to 24 Months. Your baby will enjoy playing and moving around this Emily Baby Trend Walker.

Key Features:

  • Large surround tray for food or toys
  • Removable toy bar with toys
  • Three-position height adjustable
  • Folds flat for easy transport or storage
  • High back padded seat
  • Multi-directional front wheels
  • Extra wide base for superior stability

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2. Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker

Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout WalkerThe little music making toy is the unique feature of this walker and it is perfect for your baby. This walker is easy to fit, easy to fold and clean. Sitting cushion is detachable so that you can easily wash it. Wheels are also good.

Music and steering is a big plus and your baby will love this. It features a removable electronic toy station for your baby’s developmental activities and enjoyment.

The steering wheel activates sounds, lights, and melodies. It has volume control and can be removed for floor play. For support and comfort, it has a high seat back. It also features 3 height positions to grow with baby. This Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker gives your little baby plenty to do while they stretch their legs.

Key Features:

  • Removable electronic toy with sound, melodies, and lights.
  • The toy can be used for floor play or on-the-go
  • Recommended for: 6+ months
  • Comes with a high seat back
  • Provides good support and comfort
  • 3 adjustable height positions to grow with baby. 
  • Includes melodies and volume control.
  • 2 link loops for adding more toys

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3. Joovy Spoon Walker

Joovy Spoon WalkerThe Joovy Spoon walker combines both walker and high chair. This good-looking zippy little baby walker provides the perfect balance of playing, eating, and learning to walk!

The high-gloss finish and bright white color give the walker premium styling that looks great. For meal and snack time, this Spoon walker has an extra large tray which is removable, safe and cleans up easily.

For playtime, your baby will have lots of clean space for playing with their favorite toys. The ultra-wide base of this walker provides unparalleled strength, mobility, stability, and safety. The seat pad is comfortable, supportive and machine washable.

The wide base of Joovy Spoon walker ensures that little fingers don’t get pinched on the side of the tray. This best baby walker is made with 600D material.

Key Features:

  • Folds flat for easy storage and travel
  • Super-sized tray with removable insert
  • The seat pad is comfortable, and machine washable
  • Three height positions
  • Non slip stair pads
  • Oversized wheels
  • Maximum child height: 33.5 in. 
  • Maximum child weight:30 lbs  

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4. Vtech Sit to Stand Learning Walker

Vtech Sit to Stand Learning WalkerVtech Walker is more attractive than many of the designs we review. It has the additional advantage of allowing your child to see what they are doing with their legs.

As most babies learn through visual stimuli, the ability to see their legs working can really help them to balance their feet. There is a great deal of evidence that the traditional “sit-to-stand” designs are really the best when it comes to helping your little one take his first steps.

This best baby walker actually presents piano buttons and shape-sorting toys which are designed to encourage the creativity of your baby for long-term. The interactive buttons will definitely attract babies. Your child will need more supervision when using this walker, but the benefits are substantial.

Key Features:

  • Traditional sit to stand design
  • Adjustable speed control on wheels
  • Interactive display
  • An array of 60+ noises, sounds, and songs
  • Suitable for children up to 12 months.
  • Unique wheel locks to control the speed

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5. Baby Einstein Neptune Walker

Baby Einstein Neptune WalkerBaby Einstein Neptune Walker comes with a bright and colorful marine design that will surely attract babies. It is a perfect option for anyone who is prioritizing fun.

This walker has a completely removable tray for toys, and you can also place other toys. The lights and sounds of this walker come with a marine theme which is really awesome. Baby Einstein Neptune Walker works great. The frame is robust, the set up is very simple and the color and design are basically infallible.

The special high back seat provides a lot of extra support and makes sure that your baby will sit comfortably while learning to navigate in this walker. The only disadvantages are the lack of non-slip safety features and the fact that only the two front wheels turn. This can make maneuvering difficult for very young babies, as it increases the strength requirement.

Key Features:

  • Unique elliptical frame shape for added stability
  • Detachable activity tray
  • Suitable for children up to 8 months
  • Removable, machine-washable seat
  • Includes special loops for attaching your own toys

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6. VTech Sit, Stand and Ride

VTech Sit, Stand and RideIt is a great choice for those looking for a truly versatile baby walker. This top-rated baby walker model is actually a combination of riding toy, a walker and an interactive learning pad, all in one.

Whether your baby is ready to walk with his own feet, or just want to lie down and play with the brightly colored buttons, it has every functionality that adapts to any stage of development. It has exclusive speed control functionality that allows you to configure the speed of the rear wheels. If you are looking for a walker that grows with your child, this is probably the perfect choice.

The interactive elements are also great, they are especially focused on presenting your baby with different letters, vehicles, and sounds. Which is ideal for your baby if you want your baby’s to grow cognitive skills.

Key Features:

  • Unique, wheel-lock safety technology
  • 3-way transformation functionality, to suit children of any age
  • Unique interactive control pad featuring lights, sounds and buttons
  • Volume controls
  • Suitable for babies up to the age of 12 months

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7. Chicco Talky Baby Walker

Best Baby Walkers 2022The Chicco Talky Walker is a premium baby walker model that is not very different from the Joovy Spoon Walker that we reviewed at the beginning of this guide.

The main focus of this particular walker model is interactive functionality, which focuses on helping your baby develop his language skills. However, there are also some impressive safety features, and the whole unit is incredibly strong and robust.

Its main structure is an immaculately well-constructed steel frame, and all plastics are thick and hard pieces that are obviously designed with longevity in mind. Like most Chico products, you can expect this awesome baby walker to last for long.

Key Features:

  • Three pre-set height positions
  • Multi-lingual play tray
  • Removable, machine washable padded seat
  • Brake pads for added safety
  • Special anti-slip stair pads
  • Suitable for children up to 33” in height

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Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Baby Walker For Tall Babies

Choosing the best baby Walker for your newborn can be quite challenging. If you are looking for the best one, you need to consider a few factors before purchasing one. First and foremost, you need to know your needs. Would you like to have your infant in the front seat or on the back? Do you plan to use the walker for indoors or outdoors?

Adjustable Heights

Choosing a baby walker that has adjustable heights is definitely the top most criteria. You can adjust it according to his size and thus provide him the best comfort he needs. Also, it would be nice if the back part of the play center is also sturdy so that your child can have adequate support while he plays. Most of these walkers have the option of cup holders and storage for other accessories such as diapers and clothes.

Comfortable Seat & Backrest

Most of the parents say that the best baby walker for them is one that has a built-in, comfortable seat and backrest. However, if you want your little bundle of joy to be more mobile, you can try out some of the other options available. There are several reviewers saying that the inflatable walkers are the best choice for babies who are not quite tall enough for the push walkers. These walkers are quite sturdy and easy to transport from one room to another. You should get a walker that provides the most support for your child’s body. 

Best Baby Walkers 2022

Tilting Platform

If you have read about the various different features offered by the best baby walkers, you might consider getting a Baby Walker with a tilting platform. This is a useful function that allows you to place your little one in a reclining position and see what they do. In addition, the platform can be locked as well.


If you would like to buy a Baby Walker that has wood or plastic wheels, you might consider reading reviews about the product first. According to several reviews, people find it easy to use as well as durable. However, you need to make sure that the wheels on your new walker are lockable. When talking about the wooden walkers, most of the people prefer to buy a Baby Walker that is made from hardwood. 

Another interesting feature of some Baby Walker is that it is designed to allow parents to put together their walking strollers and push walkers. If you already own two other baby walkers, then this can be very convenient. When looking for walkers that come with steps, you should make sure that they have non-slip rubber feet so that you do not slip on the wet ground. Furthermore, there are several people who find it easier to control their baby with a walker as opposed to using a baby carrier.


The best baby walker online stores have a wide range of baby carriers and strollers to choose from. The walkers have many features, including storage, and are designed to help parents with newborn walkers or small spaces get the necessary support. You should always consider the age of your baby before making your purchase. Baby Walker walkers come in a variety of sizes and styles, which means that you should make sure that you are purchasing the size that will fit your child, along with the necessary accessories to keep your baby safe and happy.


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