5 Best Crib Teething Rail Cover of 2022

Best Crib Teething Rail Cover
October 6, 2022

If you want to keep your child safe from chewing crib rail and also protect your rail from damage, get the best crib rail cover right now. Crib teething guard is very crucial for your kid’s safety. When the children are in teething stage, they are always in a mood of biting something. Especially they tend to damage crib rails through biting and chewing.

Best Crib Teething Rail CoversThis act of your child can be risky as your baby can be injured worsening the inflammation and irritation caused by teeth development. Your child can also swallow wood pieces and paints that may cause complications. I had no clue when I saw my little one was eating his crib. A bunch of blackish-brown specks was all over his face. I was very worried as I would do anything to keep by baby safe.

Crib rail covers or Crib teething pads are useful in preventing damage caused by chewing. We know baby cribs are very expensive to buy. And when children ruin the crib rail, it means crib will become unusable and you may have to replace the rail or purchase another one.

There are 3 types of crib rail covers or crib teething guards available now in the market; fabric, rubber and plastic. Lets have a look at the top 5 crib rail cover reviews, so that you can find the most ideal and affordable crib rail cover. Now, don’t wait until it is too late just buy one of the above best crib rail cover and eliminate all your worries.

Our recommendation for the best Best Crib Teething Rail Cover is Sahaler 4PCS Crib Rail Guard Set

Top 5 Best Crib Teething Rail Cover Reviews In 2022

1. Sahaler 4PCS Crib Rail Guard Set

Sahaler 4PCS Crib Rail Guard SetChewing crib rail is inevitable for kids; therefore you need a safe and soft crib rail cover. This Sahaler 4PCS Crib Rail Guard Set will not disappoint you. This crib rail cover is soft and protects the baby from splinters, paint and wood chips. It also protects the crib against damage by baby teeth.

Sahaler crib rail guard has the softest material ( Polyester ) and is very well made. It is a 4 Pieces Set that includes: One Minky Blanket , One Fitted Sheet, One Skirt Sheet, One Crib Rail Cover. It is designed with Microfiber fabric printing which is fit for stand crib bed 130x70cm.

It is suitable for both machine washing & hand washing. Your kid can’t get bored as the teether tabs allow for toys customization. Installation is simple and quick through a strong hook-and-loop. This teething rail cover is large to fit in all convertible crib rails.

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2. Trend Lab Fleece CribWrap Rail Cover

Trend Lab Fleece CribWrap Rail CoverBefore placing the baby inside a baby crib, safety is the first that you should ensure. This is even more serious if the child is teething. It can damage the crib rail and ingest toxic substances at the same time.

This best crib rail teething guard is all you need to protect your children as well as the crib rail. It is composed of soft and durable fabrics with padding in the central part. Installation on a long rail is easy and waterproof. Cleaning is convenient from a washing machine and and it’s also dryer safe.

It is obvious that teething babies can harm themselves while chewing the baby cribs rails. On the other hand, you also do not want to bear teeth marks on your expensive crib. Avoid theses incidences; a best crib rail cover is all you need.

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3. American Baby Company Reversible Crib Rail Cover

American Baby Company Reversible Crib Rail CoverAmerican baby company is a heavenly soft chenille rail cover to protect your baby from biting and chewing on the crib rail. This rail cover is reversible and very soft.

Its long rail cover measures 51″ x 7″ with ties. It is also available in 2 piece set for side rails. It easily fits crib rails measuring up to 8″ around. It is designed with a light padding in the middle. super soft chenille on the top and reversible chenille backing.

So, you don’t need to worry about your baby ingesting wood or harmful toxins. It comes in white/gray, white/pink, and white/blue. It is machine washable.

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4. BreathableBaby Railguard Crib Rail Cover

BreathableBaby Railguard Crib Rail CoverBreathableBaby Railguard Crib Rail Cover comes with durable padded mesh. It protect the kids from chewing on the rail, getting splinters, paint chips , cracks, and other chemicals.

This best crib rail cover has waterproof back that protects crib rail from wet and damage. In order to keep baby’s pacifier nearby, It has handy front pocket. The larger size crib rail cover fits most wide and thin convertible style cribs. For quick and convenient installation, it comes with sturdy hook-and-loop closures along with front rail and adjustable side straps. Product Dimensions : 51″ x 18″.

This BreathableBaby Railguard Crib Rail Cover helps protect and prolong the life of your crib rail. The white color will go with any bedding decor. Package contains one rail cover. Made of 100% Polyester. It is machine washable and dryer safe, and it leaves no sticky residue on the crib.

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5. CribWrap Crib Wrap 3PC Rail Cover Set By Trend Lab

CribWrap Crib Wrap 3PC Rail Cover Set By Trend LabSome of the baby cribs is painted using harmful chemical paints. When you have a teething baby, it can be dangerous to keep your crib rail open.

Teething baby tend to ease the irritation by chewing crib rails. Doing so on a naked rail can be risky. But if you have a crib rail cover like CribWrap Crib Wrap 3PC Rail Cover Set By Trend Lab you can eliminate this danger.

It is a Natural Fleece 3 Piece CribWrap Rail Cover Set. It includes 1 Front rail cover measures 51” long and has 3 sets of 6.5” ties, 2 Side rail covers each measures 27” long and has 3 sets of 6.5” ties. It is also designed with lightly padded waterproofing layer. It helps to protect the wood surface from potential moisture. The cover is easy to install, easy to remove and machine washable.

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Best Crib Teething Rail Covers Buyer’s Guide

When buying baby items, a crib rail cover may not be at the top of your list of essential items. But once your baby starts chewing, to relieve pain, he will chew on any hard surface he can reach.

The crib rail is the piece of wood that runs along the top, often suffers the impact of teething. It is the ideal height and strong enough to provide the pressure. But it can also cause paint and wood chips in the mouth. A crib rail cover can be very useful for protecting your baby and crib rail. These covers are usually made of fabric and fit on the bed rail so that the baby cannot directly chew the wood.

Crib rail teething guard or rail cover reduce the risk of your baby becoming choked with wood chips or ingesting potentially toxic paint. And if you get the best crib rail cover, you can preserve the crib for the next baby, or for the next generation. Which is the best crib rail cover for your baby and crib? Keep reading to know more. When you’re done, check out our recommendations for the best rail covers on the market.

Crib Teething Rail Cover

What to look for before buying the best crib teething rail cover

Comparing a crib rail cover with another can be a difficult task. Especially when each box announces, how great their rail protector is. Below are some things to consider when comparing crib rails covers.

Number of sides

When you are looking for crib rail covers, you should decide how many crib sides need attention. Your baby will probably have a hard time chewing on those crib sides that rests against a wall on one or more sides. If your kids has already started chewing, you need to cover his favorite crib rails.


You’ll also need to think about your crib rail’s measurements. While crib rails are generally the same length, their thickness can vary greatly. If the cover is too small for a thicker rail, the fasteners may not meet and attach securely. Older babies may be able to easily unfasten crib rail covers that are ill-fitting on slender rails. Additionally, crib rail covers that are too small may not adequately protect the wood against aggressive.

You should also think about the dimensions of your crib rail. Although their length is generally the same, their thickness can vary considerably. If the cover is too small for a thicker rail, the fasteners may not adhere and attach properly. Older babies can easily remove crib rail covers that are not suitable or have ill-fitting for slender rails. In addition, crib rails that are too small may not protect the wood from aggressive jaws.


Best Crib Teething Guard are created mostly from polyester or polyester fabric blends. As Polyester dries quickly, unlike cotton, it is a popular option for this type of work. However, it is a synthetic fabric, so some parents prefer natural cotton fiber covers, preferably organic. Organic cotton sleeves can be found, but they will certainly cost more.


Most crib rail covers are fixed to the bed or tied with a Velcro closure. Ties are often safer, but it can be difficult to remove them for washing. But it is a must if your baby continues to bite the blanket. A velcro closure will be easier to remove, but it is also easier for babies.


When choosing a crib rail cover, remember that lighter colors will stain much more easily than darker colors. Although the crib’s white rail cover will fit perfectly with the decoration of your child’s room, special care will be needed to keep the color bright.


Some crib rail covers are designed with loops. These loops are ideal for hanging additional teething toys and giving your baby an alternative to chew.


Now, don’t wait until it is too late just buy one of the above “Best Crib Teething Rail Cover” and eliminate all your worries. It will keep harmful paint and wood out of the baby’s mouth.


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