How to Use Iphone As Baby Monitor?

How to Use Iphone As Baby Monitor
September 20, 2022

Parents are increasingly using their iPhones as baby monitors. While an iPhone may not have all the bells and whistles of a dedicated baby monitor, it can be a more affordable option for parents who want to keep an eye on their little ones. Here are some tips on how to use your iPhone as a baby monitor.

  • Download an app like iBaby Monitor or Cloud Baby Monitor onto your iPhone
  • Place your iPhone in a location where you can see and hear your baby, like their crib or bassinet
  • Open the app and start monitoring! You’ll be able to see and hear your baby through the app, so you can check on them even when you’re not in the room with them

How to use iPhone built-in Baby Monitor (No App Needed) 2020

How Can I Use My Iphone As a Baby Monitor With Airpods?

Assuming you would like a tutorial on how to use your iPhone as a baby monitor with AirPods: You can use your iPhone as a baby monitor in a couple of different ways. The first way is to use the built-in Camera app.

Open the app and point the camera at the area where your baby is sleeping. If you want to eavesdrop, simply put your AirPods in and press the audio button in the bottom left corner of the screen. You can also turn on the flash by tapping the lightning bolt icon in the top right corner of the screen, which can be helpful if your baby is sleeping in a dark room.

Another way to use your iPhone as a baby monitor is to download a third-party app like Baby Monitor 3G or Dormi. These apps offer more features than the Camera app, such as two-way audio, temperature monitoring, and even activity tracking. To use either of these apps, simply download them from the App Store, open them up, and follow their instructions for setting up a connection between two devices.

After that’s done, you should be able to hear (and possibly see) your baby through your AirPods just like before!

How Can I Use My Phone As a Baby Monitor for Free?

If you’re a parent, you know that a baby monitor can be a lifesaver. But what if you don’t have the money to buy one? Is there a way to use your phone as a baby monitor for free?

The short answer is yes! There are several ways to turn your phone into a baby monitor. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to do it.

One way to use your phone as a baby monitor is to download an app like Baby Monitor 3G or Dormi. These apps allow you to stream audio and video from your phone to another device, like a tablet or computer. You can also use them to remotely check on your baby’s breathing, and some even come with built-in night lights and lullabies.

Another way to use your phone as a baby monitor is to simply call it from another phone when you’re in another room. This won’t give you the same level of features as an app would, but it’s still a great way to keep an ear on your little one while they’re sleeping. Finally, if you have an old smartphone that you’re not using anymore, you can repurpose it as a dedicated baby monitor.

There are plenty of apps out there that will let you do this, and all you need is an internet connection (via Wi-Fi or cellular data). Simply leave the old phone in your child’s room, connect it to power, and voila – you’ve got yourself a free baby monitor!

Can You Use Facetime As a Baby Monitor?

Yes, you can use FaceTime as a baby monitor. You can set up FaceTime to call another iOS device, such as an iPad, and answer the call on that device. This will allow you to see and hear your baby from another room in the house.

Can I Use My Iphone And Apple Watch As a Baby Monitor?

Yes, you can use your iPhone and Apple Watch as a baby monitor. There are a few different ways to do this, but the most common way is to use the built-in Camera app on your iPhone. You can also use third-party apps like Nanny Cam or Baby Monitor 3G.

To use the Camera app, simply open it up and point it at your baby’s crib. Then, tap on the record button and leave the app running in the background. You can then view a live stream of your baby on your Apple Watch.

If you want to be able to see your baby even when you’re not near them, then you’ll need to set up an iCloud account and enable iCloud Photo Sharing. Once you’ve done that, you can view any photos or videos that are added to your shared album on your Apple Watch. Nanny Cam is another great option for monitoring your baby remotely.

With this app, you can set up motion detection so that you’ll receive a notification whenever your baby moves. You can also set up audio monitoring so that you can listen in on what’s happening in their room. And finally, there’s a two-way talk feature so that you can soothe your baby from afar if they’re crying.

Baby Monitor 3G is one of the more comprehensive options out there for remote monitoring of your little one. In addition to all of the features mentioned above, it also includes temperature and humidity sensors so that you can make sure their environment is just right. It also has a night vision mode so that you can keep an eye on them even when it’s dark out.

How to Use Iphone As Baby Monitor?


How to Use Iphone And Watch As Baby Monitor

If you have an iPhone and an Apple Watch, you can use them as a baby monitor! Here’s how:

1. On your iPhone, open the Camera app.

2. Tap the video camera icon . If you see , tap it to switch to video mode.

3. Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to open Control Center, then tap .

4. Select your Apple Watch from the list of devices that appears.

5. Position your iPhone so that it points at your baby, then press and hold the Shutter button to start recording video. The video will automatically be sent to your Apple Watch.

6. To stop recording, press and hold the Shutter button again, then tap End on your Apple Watch when prompted.

Iphone Baby Monitor Hack

If you have an iPhone, there’s a good chance you also have a little one at home. And if you’re looking for a baby monitor, you might be wondering if you can hack your iPhone to turn it into one. The short answer is yes!

With a few simple steps, you can turn your iPhone into a high-tech baby monitor that will give you peace of mind (and maybe even save you some money). Here’s how to do it:

1. Download a baby monitor app like Baby Monitor 3G or Dormi from the App Store.

2. Follow the instructions within the app to set up your iPhone as a camera and your Apple Watch as the receiver. 3. Place your iPhone in a strategic location in your nursery (we suggest using an iHome) and make sure the camera has a clear view of baby’s crib.

4. That’s it!

You’re now ready to keep an eye on baby from anywhere in your home (or even outside of it). With this handy hack, you’ll never have to worry about missing a moment with your little one. So go ahead and enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation knowing that your iPhone has got you covered.

Use Iphone As Baby Monitor Free

Did you know that you can use your iPhone as a free baby monitor? That’s right – there are several apps available that allow you to use your iPhone’s camera and microphone to keep an eye (and ear) on your little one. One of the most popular options is Dormi, which offers both a free and paid version.

The free version includes all of the essential features, such as being able to remotely view and listen to your baby, as well as receiving alerts if they cry or move. You can also use the app to soothe your baby with pre-recorded lullabies or white noise. If you’re looking for more advanced features, the paid version of Dormi unlocks things like two-way audio (so you can talk to your baby), temperature monitoring, night vision, and more.

It also removes ads from the app.


Are you a new parent who wants to use your iPhone as a baby monitor? You can do this by using the iPhone’s FaceTime feature. Here’s how:

First, set up your iPhone in a location where you can see and hear your baby. Then, open the FaceTime app and sign in with your Apple ID. Next, tap on the “+” icon in the top right corner of the screen and select the “Create Group” option.

Enter your child’s name in the “Group Name” field and add their phone number or email address in the “Add People” field. Finally, tap on the “Create” button to start a video call with your child. You can also use the Do Not Disturb feature on your iPhone to prevent calls and notifications from interrupting you while you’re monitoring your baby.

To do this, go to Settings -> Do Not Disturb and enable the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” or “Scheduled” options.

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