10 Best Infant Head Support For Car Seat In 2023

Infant Head Support For Car Seat Reviews
November 3, 2022

Infant Head Support for car seatInfant head support for car seat is a must-have car accessory for a newborn so that their head doesn’t lean to the side in a car seat. This infant head support is super nice!!! You can easily use it in your car seat or stroller and that will make your baby supported, cozy, and snuggled.

Your baby’s head will no long flop around because this head support is adequately supported. The cushions on the side of head support hug the baby’s body and make them look more comfortable and safe.

What you need to do is just putting the car seat in a reclining position, attach the snuzzler, lay the baby down, and buckle him up. You can do it with your one hand. After that, your baby will be totally secured. You will be very pleased with these head support purchase for sure.

Top 10 Best Infant Head Support For Car Seat Reviews

Newborns are very fragile that’s why you will need the help of “best infant head support for car seat”. In fact, the neck of the newborn baby is not strong enough to hold the head, this causes the head of the baby to bend sideways or forward when sleeping in a car seat or in a baby stroller. This is very risky because it can easily block the baby’s airway. Fortunately, products are available to help parents keep their baby safe.

1. Summer Infant Snuzzler Infant Head Support 

Summer Infant Snuzzler Infant Head Support This Summer infant snuzzler headrest is not only for the head but also for the body. It has an adjustable design that makes it easy for parents to adjust it. So the child can easily continue to use it as it grows. The cut of the body support allows it to adapt to most strollers and car seats, making it easy for parents to adjust the seat or stroller straps. It also has two sides, one for warm weather and the other for cold weather.

The Summer Infant Snuzzler provides full support for the baby’s head and body. The length of this award-winning support can easily be adjusted to provide a custom fit for your growing baby. And the unique contours work well with most harness systems and help the child in the seats, pushchairs, carts, and swing. The Snuzzler is reversible to offer cooling comfort or cozy warmth with two different style options.

This car seat head support is made of a soft and cozy material that offers car seats, trolleys and extra swings. It turns into a normal texture for a different look and a refreshing effect on a hot day. The Snuzzler has been tested against safety shocks. This head support for car seat has unique contours and the padding is on the sides, rather than behind the child, so there is no interference with the car seats.


  • Crash tested for safety
  • Reversible complete head and body support
  • As baby grows separate head support adjusts upward for a custom fit
  • Provides ideal support for babies seated in car seats, strollers,  and infant swings
  • 10.2 x 8.7 x 4.6 inches
  • Product Weight is 11.2 ounces

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2. JJ Cole Head Support 

JJ Cole Head SupportChildren tend to grow quickly, JJ Cole designers understand this need and have created a head support that can easily adapt to the baby’s growth. It also cradles the baby’s head in style, protecting it easily while traveling.

One of the best baby head support for the car seat. JJ Cole Collections offers parents products that embody the utility and convenience. With this elegant JJ Cole baby car seat head support, you can easily protect your baby’s delicate neck and head. To grow easily with your baby, from premature babies to babies, two separate pieces of headrest are designed to fit comfortably.

It features soft velvet and breathable embroidered knits for comfort and style. This baby car seat head support is machine washable, soft and made up with breathable fabrics. It allows maximum comfort and safety for your baby.


  • Imported
  • Two separate pieces of headrest
  • It can easily adapt to the baby’s growth
  • Customizable design to grow with baby
  • Soft, breathable fabrics for ultimate comfort
  • Machine washable

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3. Britax Head and Body Support Pillow

Britax Head and Body Support PillowThe Britax Head and Body Pillow with full body and contoured head support provides ultimate comfort for your valuable cargo. The reversible design of this infant’s head and body support has plush fleece on one side and moisture manipulate fabric on the other side to offer all season temperature control.

For maintaining the surface feeling cool and dry, EZ-dry wicking fabric keeps the moisture away from the baby. The plush fleece feature keeps your little baby cozy and warm. The Britax Head and Body Pillow fits both car and stroller seat and has been crash tested and accredited for use with all Britax car seats.

It is adjustable and can be detached for auto seats with head restraints or when it is no longer needed. It is also reversible and machine washable. It offers two fabric for comfort in both heat and cool months. One side features soft fleece to preserve your baby warm and snug, while the other facet gives EZ-Dry moisture-wicking fabric for a cool surface. It is designed to use all 12 months long.

Key Features:

  • Polyester Fiber 80%/ Olefin Fiber 20%
  • Imported
  • For superior comfort, it offers full body and contoured head support 
  • Reversible design with EZ dry and plush fabrics for comfort in all seasons
  • EZ Dry wicking fabric draws moisture away from baby keeping the surface feeling cool and dry
  • It’s one side is reversible design with plush fleece and moisture control fabric on the other side.
  • Fits car seat and stroller harness systems.
  • Adjustable and detachable head support for versatility as baby grows

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4. DorDor & GorGor Reversible Infant Head Support

DorDor & GorGor Reversible Infant Head SupportThe product height is made based on a child’s developmental design. Long-term testing’s by medical experts have shown that it performs a vital role in the development of children’s bones and body. DorDor & GorGor products are made up of remarkable and hypoallergenic polyester fiber.

This exceptional child head support is free of fluorescer, phthalate, flame retardant, latex, formaldehyde and other detrimental substances. It is pearl shaped and high rebound. They efficaciously assist the baby’s head and they never deform. It is super soft, breathable, absorbent, and right for child body.

It is designed so nicely that the baby can experience blissful and safety when you are driving. This baby car seat head support will help dad and mom sense extra relieved that their toddler is being in a position to sleep properly.

Key Features

  • While seated in car seats, strollers, child swing or bouncer seats, the contoured infant support pillow can hold your infant snugly.
  • Grown by small-scale farmers, the cotton is free of pesticides, GMO,  dyes, and bleach
  • For hotter days one side of DorDor & GorGor is made with breathable linen and for cooler days another side is made up of cozy cotton.
  • It is machine washable and tumble dry allow; (use slight detergent; natural coloring may fade)
  • Adjustable top is available to fit toddler growth

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5. WelLifes Baby Support for Car Seats and Strollers

WelLifes Baby Support for Car Seats and StrollersBaby Breathable 3D Air Mesh Organic Cotton Seat Pad Liner By W WelLifes provides the ideal support for infant’s back and head. The feature we love is it can be adjusted upward as baby grows. The unique contours of this baby head support work well with all harness systems

Baby Breathable 3D Air Mesh Seat Pad is easy to transfer to provide good head and body support for baby in car seats, swings, and jogging strollers. It has padding only on the sides but not on behind baby. This children head and neck support pillow does not interfere with the safety of car seat harnesses. It is a Multi-use headrest that offers spinal/neck alignment and comfort. This head support can go wherever toddler goes – stroller, swing, automobile seat, altering table.

It protects the infant’s head when resting the head on the pillow in the car seat generating shaking and vibration when you go out. This product is 100% handmade. This infant head support use only GOTS(Global Textile Standard) licensed natural cotton fabric, that is grown using sustainable farming practices which preserve and replenish soil fertility without the use of toxic and chronic pesticides and fertilizers.

Key Features:

  • To keep warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer this infant head support offers breathable sequential 3D-air mesh construction
  • Soft cushion for extra comfort and excellent self-recovery to its original shape.
  • For the baby who sheds a lot of sweat, this best car seat head support use well ventilated 3D Cool Air mesh fabric.
  • light-weight, Easy to install, and highly durable by its use of premium material
  • Hygienic construction prevents the growth of harmful microbes.
  • CLOUD 9 Organic Cotton Fabric Textiles Cover from USA
  • Machine Washable.

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6. Chicco Infant Head Body Support Pillow

Chicco Infant Head Body Support PillowIf you’re looking for the best infant car seat head support that can give your baby total head support, then the Chicco Reversible 3-in-1 body support is definitely what you’re looking for. Chicco 2-in-1 best headrest and protector is one of the best infant head support for car seat in 2020. It gives proper support for baby’s neck, head, and back. This Best Infant Head Support can easily be used in car seats, strollers, and other seating for baby.

Chicco 2-in-1 protects the car seat FRP, soiling with a waterproof non-skid backing. The Reversible fabrics provide year-round comfort style. You can use this head support from childhood up to five years, allowing you to save money. It has reversible fabrics that allow you to easily adapt to both cold and hot weather conditions.

This infant car seat head support helps to provide complete support for the child’s head, neck, and back to ensure your child stays safe. Children cannot sit alone; this is why the anti-slip support of Chicco 3-in-1 body support is important. Ensures that the child remains comfortably in position without slipping on the seat. The waterproof design ensures that parents have no difficulty cleaning up.


  • This 2-in-1 Reversible toddler car seat head support will Protect Baby’s Head and body.
  • Waterproof Seat Pad with Non-Skid Backing
  • Can be Used in Car Seats, Strollers, and other Seating for Baby
  • It is machine washable
  • Detachable Seat Protector to Customize for your Little One

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7. BenBat Travel Friends Infant Head and Body Support

BenBat Travel Friends Infant Head and Body SupportBenBat always manufacture attractive, safe  and practical products. And this BenBat Travel Friends On The Go Head and Neck Support is another best infant head and body support you have ever seen. This pillow is deal for the car, stroller, or any other way you choose to travel or move.

This BenBat Headrest is designed to protect, secure and stabilize the head in place. It has a good combination of great design and functionality providing your infant on the go head and neck support. This BenBAt infant head and body support gently cradles and supports your infant’s delicate neck, head, and back. This BenBat Travel Friends infant head and body support are designed to suit all the harness systems and do not require threading.

This best infant car seat head support can easily be transferred between vehicle seats, carriers, strollers, and bouncers. A detachable headrest simply adjusts with your growing baby’s needs. Innovative foot rattles stimulate and assist amuse your child while a reachable pacifier strap maintains binky’s shut by. It is also reversible and desktop washable.

Key features

• Gently supports and cradles baby’s subtle head, neck, and back
• Adjusts to baby’s growing desires with detachable and adjustable head aid
• Innovative hidden foot rattles stimulate and amuse when toddler moves
• Reversible
• Safety crash tested
• Machine Washable

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8. Head And Body Support Pillow By Lebogner

Lebogner Head and Body Support PillowWould you like to protect your child in their car seat or stroller? Would you like to keep your newborn infant blissful in their stroller or car seat? The Lebogner Head And Body Support Pillow is the answer! It could be a Perfect Shower Gift that simply makes WOW any new mum with exceptional convenience.

The Lebogner Head and Body Pillow with the full physique and contoured head support supply most desirable comfort for your baby. The plush fleece cloth continues your little one heat and cozy. The Head and Body Pillow fits both auto seat and stroller harness systems. Its  Cushion is a Full Body and Head Support Pillow that Fits snugly around infants of all sizes.

It’s also velcro adjustable. It has detachable head for versatility as the baby grows to be a custom fit. This Head & Body Pillow will work best with both stroller and car seat harness systemsIt’s machine washable and tumbles dry. This best quality infant head support will Make Your Life Easier and We Guarantee your Satisfaction With a 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee.

Key Features

  • It keeps your infant safe and comfortable while being in their car seat or stroller. 
  • The Head Support Pillow is made out of strong fiber fabric and will be comfortable in all seasons,
  • Cushion support the baby’s head while seated in strollers, car seats, bouncer seat, and infant swings.
  • Buy It Now With Confidence,
  • It is a top and best quality infant car seat head support.

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9. Boppy Preferred Head and Neck Support

Boppy Preferred Head and Neck SupportUnlike the previous headrest, it features additional pad extensions that wrap easily around the neck when used in strollers and car seats. Boppy infant to toddler’s head and neck support is one of the ideal projects to obtain since your child will receive the great amount of support and great comfort, whether traveling by car or stroller.

This 2 in 1 head restraint is tested and approved against impact. It features a removable padded neck ring that provides support for the head and neck and can be used without the head support while the child is growing.

The reversible design features a cozy minky for the winter and cool cotton for the summer. It is perfect for car seats, and strollers.  This best infant head support for car seat offers great comfort and support on the road.


  • Crash tested and approved (FMVSS-213)
  • Reversible design
  • 2-in-1 design for use as baby grows. Product Dimensions(in inches): 10.3 x 9.85 x 3.2
  • A must-have product for on-the-go
  • For use from ages 0+

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10. JJ Cole Reversible Body Support Graphite

JJ Cole Reversible Body Support GraphiteJJ Cole’s reversible body support features soft velvet on one side and a breathable embroidered fabric on the other, which gives the baby comfort at any time of the year.

Its design is made to support not only the child’s head but also the body, giving the child the additional support he needs. The head support is adjustable and removable, which accommodates the growth of the baby. It is also machine washable.

JJ Cole Collections offers parents products that embody the utility and convenience while adopting fashion and style. JJ Cole strives to cope with the needs and desires of busy parents who are constantly on the move.


  • Imported
  • Front Fabric: 100% Cotton; Insert: 100% Polyester;
  • Back Fabric: 100% Polyester; Filling: 100% Polyester
  • Fits snugly around infants of all sizes
  • Reversible fabrics for year round comfort
  • Machine washable

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Key Benefits of buying the best infant head support

  1. Designed to fit in most toddler car seat models and strollers.
  2. Fits snuggly around children of all sizes.
  3. Made out of long-lasting robust fiber material to a very high standard which makes it highly comfortable in all seasons.
  4. Works with all harness systems, simply place the infant in seat and harness baby as usual.
  5. Velcro adjustable and a removable head for versatility as the toddler grows to be a customized fit
  6. Simple and effortless to install
  7. Easy to wipe clean and machine washable.
  8. 100% NO HASSEL Lifetime Guarantee – NO RISK TO YOU!

Things to consider before buying the best infant head support for car seat

1. Security:

The first thing that you should consider for “best infant head support for car seat” is its security. The headrest keeps the baby’s head in position while they are in the car. These infant head supports are tested to ensure that they can adequately protect the baby’s head.

2. Comfort:

Keeping your child at ease is very important, especially if you and your family love to travel a lot by car or if you want to expose your child to the outdoors.

Some manufacturers design the baby’s head support to make it as breathable as possible so that the child wearing it can feel comfortable even in the case of prolonged use.

3. Optimal head support:

The best infant head supports are not only designed for safety but they are also designed with the right padding to ensure the baby’s head has the right amount of support.

4. Versatility:

Most baby head supports are designed to fit both the car seats and strollers perfectly. This allows you to use just one pad for your newborn and carry it inside and outside of a car seat or stroller, depending on what you will use later.


Prevention is always better than a cure, so remember to protect the head of your newborn baby from discomfort and injury by choosing to get a head support for the stroller or for the car seat.

But it is always better to have a infant car seat head support for total protection for your peace of mind.

Parents who are looking for the best support for their child can choose one of the above-mentioned products because they all belong to trusted brands.

All the brands mentioned above are available online. Choose the best brand for the best safety.


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