18W Baby Bottle Warmer With Digital Display & Night Light, Spec: Flagship Version

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1. The wireless bottle warmer can be used when charging or plugging in, suitable for use in travel, outing and other environments, and can be brewed anytime and anywhere.
2. 360-degree surround heating, 6 temperature levels adjustable (37 degrees Celsius/40 degrees Celsius/42 degrees Celsius/45 degrees Celsius/50 degrees Celsius/55 degrees Celsius)
3. Use multiple thermal insulation materials to keep the milk warmer warm longer and save energy.
4. The hook and loop fastener can be freely adjusted to fit various shapes of baby bottles, with a diameter within the range of 7.2 cm.
5. Using imported temperature sensing chips, the milk warmer can quickly heat milk in about 20 minutes through 5V-2A voltage.
6. Large-capacity power battery makes the heat of the milk warmer more stable
7. With night light, it is more convenient to brew milk at night without turning on the light.
8. Warm reminder: Please make sure that the bottom of the bottle is tightly attached to the spring-loaded temperature control head on the base, otherwise the thermostat will not be able to measure the temperature, causing the temperature to be too high. Please make sure the temperature is right before feeding

1. Charging time: about 5 hours for the standard version, about 7 hours for the flagship version
2. Temperature gears: 6 temperature levels to choose from
3. Battery: Standard version 18650 lithium battery 6000 mAh, flagship version 21700 lithium battery 8000 mAh
4. Battery life: about 300 times for the standard version, about 300-500 times for the flagship version
5. Power: 18W Max
6. Continuous heating: 100 minutes for the standard version, about 150 minutes for the flagship version
7. Insulation: 3-6 hours for standard version, 4-8 hours for flagship version
8. Heating time: 20 minutes
9. Voltage: 5V
10. Output: 2A
11. Dimensions: 85 x 58 x 137mm

Packing list: Bottle warmer, charging cable, manual
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