Baby Anti-eating Hand Cover Boiled Silicone Soothing Teeth Stick(Apricot)

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1. Glove teether, baby's anti-eating hands
2. Liquid silicone, grasping training, grinding teeth, preventing hand biting
3. Safe and tasteless, mothers are more at ease when the baby bites
4. Food-grade liquid silicone material, safe and tasteless, softness close to the touch of breast milk, baby loves to bite and does not reject, accompany baby when teething
5. The Q elastic is soft and will not hurt the baby is mouth
6. Baby is hand grasping training, soft grasping rod, easy to grasp
7. 360-degree anti-eating hand, easy to solve the problem of hand-eating
8. The scientific length prevents retching, and the entrance requirement is less than 35mm
9. Biting point design, relieve teething discomfort
10. Open design, no hygienic dead corner, easy to clean
11. Boiled in high temperature water, can be sterilized by steam and ultraviolet rays
12. Material: Silicone
13. Applicable age: over 4 months
14. Size: 120x75x60mm
15. Weight: 38.3g
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