Baby Shampoo Waterproof Ear Protection Adjustable Shower Cap(Blue)

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1. Made of high-quality TPE and PP materials, soft, odorless and harmless to your baby's health
2. Light weight, foldable and durable
3. The soft and smooth edge fits the baby's head better, does not slip or leak, and will not harm the delicate baby's skin.
4. Widened brim design to prevent water and shampoo foam from flowing into the baby's eyes, nose and mouth
5. The front part of the hat brim is made of hard PP material, which will not collapse when water flows downward.
6. Unique anti-backflow convex design ensures that water will not enter the ear
7. Adjustable size, with a strong buckle, the tightness can be adjusted according to the baby's head circumference
8. Using highly elastic and soft TPE material, you don’t have to worry about the shower cap causing discomfort or leaving marks on your baby’s head
9. Suitable for children over 6 months old or with head circumference greater than 38 cm.
10. In addition to being used to protect ears from water when taking a bath, it can also be used as a baby's haircut cap or outdoor sun hat.
11. Cute cartoon animal shapes attract the baby’s attention and make the baby no longer resist bathing.
12. Dimensions: 29x26 cm
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