Baby Teething Gloves Anti-bite Silicone Teething Ring Toys(Blue)

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1. Made of food-grade safe silicone, BPA-free. Durable and safe for children. Its texture helps massage and soothe your baby's sore gums, and also helps your baby explore and discover new senses!
2. It makes squeaking sounds when playing to attract the baby's attention. Research shows that sound stimulation is beneficial to a baby's early development.
3. Gloves suitable for babies’ teething, accompany babies through the sensitive oral stage, and help babies get rid of the bad habit of biting their fingers. It also prevents babies from scratching their face due to long nails.
4. Suitable for babies 3-12 months old. The gloves come with adjustable fastening straps to ensure a secure fit and prevent them from falling to the floor.
5. Washable and durable
6. Dimensions: 100 x 70 x 40mm
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.03kgs / 0.07lb
One Package Size 6cm * 5cm * 4cm / 2.36inch * 1.97inch * 1.57inch
Qty per Carton 360
Carton Weight 11.90kgs / 26.23lb
Carton Size 32cm * 32cm * 50cm / 12.6inch * 12.6inch * 19.69inch
Loading Container 20GP: 520 cartons * 360 pcs = 187200 pcs
40HQ: 1209 cartons * 360 pcs = 435240 pcs