Children Mini Wireless Electric Speedboat Model Boat Simulation Remote Control Toy Boat(Blue)

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1. Material: plastic, electronic components
2. Size: about 14x3.8x3.8 cm
3. Weight: about 150 grams
4. Function: forward, backward, turn left, turn right, rotate in place, light
5. Battery: 3.7V/100MA lithium battery for the hull, 4 AA batteries in the remote control (you need to bring your own)
6. Remote control distance: 15 meters, 2.4G wireless remote control
7. Charging time: about 25 minutes
8. Use time: about 12 minutes
9. Packing list: boat x1, remote control x1, manual x1
10. Features: anti-leakage and anti-leakage, slender bow design, streamlined hull, allowing the hull to reduce water flow resistance during sailing, double propeller device, remote control operation, simple and convenient, durable
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One Package Size 17.5cm * 9cm * 9.5cm / 6.89inch * 3.54inch * 3.74inch
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