HD6026 1:16 Large Alloy Climbing Car Mountain Bigfoot Cross-country Four-wheel Drive Remote Control Car Toy, Size: 28cm(Blue)

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1. Equipped with dual-strong magnetic motor, high-powered power output, high-efficiency engine power, four-wheel drive, rock climbing is easy and effortless.
2. Independent four-wheel suspension device absorbs the vibration caused by the bumpy road surface of the wheel. The upper and lower A arms will withstand the impact and pressure brought by the off-road, and the driving will be more stable.
3. With a large twist angle and flexible angle conversion, it can easily cope with the challenges brought by various road conditions.
4. Increase the tire design, run a circle equal to two laps, you can easily send and run, adapt to a variety of terrain.
5. Tire made of PVC rubber material, the texture is flexible, and the uneven tire texture increases the friction, making it easy to climb on any ground without difficulty.

1. Product size: 28x17.5x14cm.
2. Control distance: 35m or more.
3. Charging time: 60 minutes.
4. Remote control time: 25 minutes.
5. Age of use: 2-14 years old.
6. Maximum speed: about 7 km/h.
7. Remote control: 2.4GHz wireless remote control.
8. The remote control requires 2 1.5V M batteries (purchased by yourself).

This product contains electronic components and should not be used in water or humid environments. When cleaning the stains, wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

The package contains:
Remote control car x 1
Remote control x 1
Remote control car battery x 1
Charger x 1

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