JJR/C Q146 Electric 4WD Alloy Bigfoot Short Card Off-Road Remote Control Car(Green)

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1. Material: aluminum alloy + PA
2. Body battery: 7.4V 1500mAhx1
3. Manipulation time: about 14 minutes
4. Charging time: 3 hours
5. Remote control distance: about 100 meters
6. Remote control category: 2.4G full-scale synchronous control system
7. Motor: 390 carbon brush strong magnetic motor
8. Servo: 17g servo
9. Wheelbase parameters: wheelbase 192
10. Differential structure: metal differential
11. ESC/receiver: 35A 2S receiver
12. Speed: 40km/h
13. Lighting configuration: with headlights
14. Remote control battery: AAAx3 (not included in this product)
15. The screws of the whole car use Phillips screws, which is convenient for future modification
16. New compact and stylish frame design, full-time four-wheel drive, independent suspension, adjustable tie rod, oil embossed tooth shock absorber, metal dog bone wheel cup, metal drive shaft off-road, alloy differential, off-road and passing performance powerful
17. 17g large torque steering servo, light and flexible
18. The use of PA66 reinforced nylon makes the vehicle more aggressive when it collides
19. The wiring method is reasonable, it will not affect the beauty of the frame, and it will not be affected by gears and movable joints
20. The structure design of the steering cup is reasonable, it is not easy to be damaged in the event of a collision, and the front and rear shock absorbers are very rigid
21. The tire material and manufacturing process have both good grip and wear resistance
22. The gears of the whole car can be upgraded to powder alloy, and the motor seat can be upgraded and adjustable. The motor seat is equipped with a motor with a diameter of 28.

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Carton Weight 12.40kgs / 27.34lb
Carton Size 62cm * 54cm * 36cm / 24.41inch * 21.26inch * 14.17inch
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