JJR/C Q39C 2.4G Four-wheel Drive High-speed Climbing Carbon Brush Motor RC Desert Off-Road Truck(Red)

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1. Material: hardware + electronics + plastic
2. Body battery: 7.4V/1500mAh
3. Remote control battery: 3xAA (not included in this product)
4. Control time: 15-18 minutes
5. Charging time: about 2.5h
6. Remote control category: 2.4GHz
7. Remote control distance: greater than 80m
8. Motor: 390 motor
9. Servo: 19g high-speed servo, 1kg torque
10. Speed: 38 km/h
11. Differential structure: metal gear planetary differential
12. Adopting simulation structure design, it has the control feeling of a real car, realizing full-proportion continuously variable transmission, high-speed driving, etc.
13. 1kg of torque, making the car more explosive in terms of acceleration, climbing performance, etc., allowing players to better enjoy the experience of strong power performance in remote control
14. Four-wheel drive system with full four-axle transmission, 4-wheel drive axles ensure stable traction and chassis layout to adjust drift driving
15. Damping independent shock absorbers reduce wheel vibrations caused by bumpy roads
16. Front wheel torsion axle independent horizontal shock-absorbing suspension system rear multi-link straight bridge suspension
17. The use of 3.5-inch off-road wheels and a raised chassis improve the cars passability and allow the car to conquer more different road conditions.
18. The remote control panel uses a knob-type steering fine-tuning knob and a steering rudder amount fine-tuning knob, making the adjustment more precise and delicate.
19. Motor anti-jamming protection: When overloaded, the motor stops working
20. ESC low-voltage power-off function. When the battery is lower than about 6.5V, the power will be automatically cut off to prevent battery damage due to over-discharge.
Packing list: 7.4V balanced charger x1 7.4V, 1500MAH lithium battery x1, instruction manual x1, M4 cross wrench x1, 1.5mm hexagonal wrench x1, 2.0mm hexagonal wrench x1, snap ring x2, M3 machine screw x1, motor Gear x2

Package Weight
One Package Weight 2.20kgs / 4.86lb
One Package Size 40cm * 28cm * 20cm / 15.75inch * 11.02inch * 7.87inch
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Carton Weight 14.20kgs / 31.31lb
Carton Size 62cm * 58cm * 42cm / 24.41inch * 22.83inch * 16.54inch
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