Newborn Baby Anti-startle Landing Wake-up Sleeping Cushions Spitting Milk Slope Pad(Sky Silk Green)

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1. Ergonomic embrace curve, such as sleeping mother embrace as peace of mind no longer worry about coax sleep, fall to wake up
2. Bionic design concept gives babies a sense of security
3. About 0 height groove shape design, evenly covering the babys head curve to let the baby naturally sleep a good head shape
3. Class A washed cotton fabric is directly in contact with the babys skin, and the cotton has no fluorescence
4. Two styles: bean velvet back soothing touch soft and comfortable; Lanjing Tencel back breathable mesh does not stifle sweat
5. Circulating high breathable material, the baby can sleep fresh all night and sleep deep in all aspects
6. 3D three-dimensional bean velvet to soothe and touch the baby
7 Soft massage bean velvet, help sleep physical hot press simulation mothers hand, gently wrapped
8. Put the comfort pillow on the babys back to make the baby sleep on its side. · Reduce milk vomiting and choking
9. High elastic filling cotton inner core, selected high-quality washed cotton fabric, giving good skin soft properties
10. Healthy and environmentally friendly fabric, baby can contact directly
11. Comfort side sleep pillow to give the baby a sense of security
12. The bed cover and inner core can be removed and cleaned separately, easy to dry and not deformation
13. Cute little ear design, AB surface design to meet different needs
14. Filling: pearl-cotton
15. Age: 0-1 years
16. Size: 90x55x8cm

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