Remote Control Wall Climbing Car Mini Electric Remote Control Car Children Toy(Red Charge Handle RC Edition)

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1. Optimized material, using vacuum base design, with cool lighting
2. The chassis uses the principle of vacuum adsorption, so that the car can be tightly adsorbed on the wall/glass to drive at will
3. Tough and strong, resistant to falling and crashing
4. Cool LED lights, brilliant red and blue colors
5. Adapt to wall/glass surface/floor
6. Use time: about 10 minutes in wall-climbing mode, about 40 minutes in flat-bottom mode
7. Features: vacuum adsorption, brilliant lighting, 360-degree rotation, color splicing, technology experience, simple operation
8. Material: Plastic
9. Ability training: intellectual development, use of hands and brains, hand-eye coordination, interactive toys
10. Applicable age: children (4-6 years old)
11. Battery capacity: 150mah
12. Power supply mode: handle remote control: 2 AA batteries (need to buy by yourself), watch remote control: 2 AA batteries (need to buy by yourself), body: USB rechargeable / built-in lithium battery
13. Packing list: body, remote control, USB charging cable

1. The car lights double flash to indicate insufficient power supply, please charge the car in time
2. The white strips on the four sides of the car bottom are used to create a vacuum environment, please do not tear the white strips, otherwise the wall climbing function will not be realized
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