Soothing Towel Baby Doll Sleep Plush Toy(Octopus)

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1. Soothing emotions, soft company, rest assured to bite
2. Cartoon doll design, interesting interactive lifelike
3. Multi-dimensional perception, trying to attract the baby's attention
4. The inside is filled with high-quality PP cotton, and the outside is paired with pea velvet fabric, making it soft and skin-friendly and comfortable
5. It is easy to clean and easy to change two pairs
6. Fabric: super soft crystal/high quality PP cotton
7. Applicable: 0-7 years old
8. Exquisite embroidery technology, no extra thread, firm thread
9. 3D bean fleece fabric, simulating the touch of mother's breast, protecting the sense of security
10. Soft foot design, to alleviate the needs of the baby's mouth molars
11. Size: about 40x26cm
12. Weight: about 90g
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