Why Do Babies Cry So Much

Crying Baby
March 1, 2021

Baby cryNo two children are alike, and what works for one might not work for the other. But all babies have one thing in common: they tend to cry. The extent of crying varies from baby to baby, of course, but most new parents can expect the baby to wail 1 to 3 hours a day. It is totally up to you to give him the food, the warmth, and the comfort he needs.

When he cries, it is his way of communicating his needs and asking for attention and affection. It is sometimes difficult to determine what your baby needs. But as your baby grows, he learns other ways to communicate with you. For example, the baby improves eye contact, sounds, and smiles. In the meantime, below are some of the reasons why babies cry so much.

Here Is Why Do Babies Cry So Much

The baby is hungry

Hunger is one of the most common causes of a baby’s crying, especially if it is a newborn. The younger the child, the more hungry he is. The baby’s belly is slight and does not hold for an extended period. So it won’t be long before the baby needs another meal. Offer to breastfeed the baby if the baby is still breastfeeding, even if your last breastfeeding is not long ago.

If you are formula feeding the baby, your baby may not require milk for almost two hours after the last feeding. However, each child is different. If the baby does not finish the feeds regularly, he may prefer to drink less frequently. In that case, you can try to offer another meal first. The baby may not stop crying right away but continue feeding if he wants to.

Baby has colic

If your baby cries so much but is healthy, he or she may have colic. Your baby may feel frustrated and reject your efforts to calm him down. You can clench his fists, pull his knees, or arch his back. The exact reason for constant crying is always unclear. It is so common in babies that many experts believe it is just an average level of development. Other experts think it may be related to stomach problems. For example, an allergy or intolerance to particular breast milk or a specific type of formula can cause the baby to cry. Or it could be gas, constipation, or reflux related while the baby is breastfeeding.

The baby needs attention

The baby needs lots of hugs, physical contact, and attention to be comfortable. So, he is crying, maybe because he wants attention. Typically, hugging the baby while singing distracts the baby,  and this leads to comfort. You can try to carry the baby in a carrier or sling to keep the baby close to you for longer.

The baby is cold or very hot

You can tell if your baby is too cold or too hot by feeling his tummy or neck. Don’t let the temperature in your baby’s feet or hands lie to you. It is usual for the feet and hands to feel colder than the rest of your body.

The baby needs a diaper change

A baby may cry if the diaper is wet or dirty. Some babies don’t wail unless their skin is irritated. If your baby doesn’t like changing diapers, it can be due to the strange impression of the cold air on the skin. In about one week or more, you will likely be able to change the diapers much more quickly.

The baby is unwell

If your baby is not well, he will probably cry in a distinct voice. It may be weaker, more urgent, and more continuous, or of a higher pitch. If he wails a lot but is strangely quiet, it can also signify that he is not feeling well. Typically, this is how you will notice the signs of discomfort in the baby. Teeth can also make the baby more upset than usual. Babies tend to be restless and demanding in the week before a tooth comes through.


To conclude, babies usually spend 2 to 3 hours in a day crying. As normal as it may be, a crying baby can be distressing to parents. Babies sometimes cry for no apparent reason, but sometimes they try to say something to you with their tears. The crying is probably just a stage that is very common and overlooked. As your baby grows, he learns new ways to communicate his needs to you. And when that happens, the persistent crying will soon stop. With a bit of general knowledge and sleuthing, you will be able to find out how to calm down your baby.

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