Infant Baby Silicone Remote Control Shape Toy Teether Cute Chew Toy, Color: Pink

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1. Made of food grade silicone, BPA free
2. The TV remote shape teether, which is safe for kids to play and chew, and a lot of texture is added on the front to enhance the touch.
3. It has various shapes of collision keys, which can massage the gums, effectively relieve the baby's gum itching and other discomforts, and exercise the baby's chewing ability and occlusal ability.
4. Very suitable for baby to hold, the baby's grasping ability and hand-eye coordination ability will also be exercised.
5. Can withstand low and high temperatures from -30 to 230 degrees Celsius, can be cleaned with neutral food detergent after boiling, and is easy to disinfect. Cleaning is very simple. Rinse the product off easily with warm soapy water or in the dishwasher.
6. Remote control teether size: 14 x 4.5 x 1cm
7. Weight: 50g
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