SVY001B Adult / Baby Bedwetting Enuresis Urine Bed Wetting Alarm +Sensor With Clamp(Blue)

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1. This alarm system is an efficient and inexpensive treatment for nocturnal enuresis,i.e.bedwetting, without using medication. designed with advanced features, this bedwetting alarm combines MUSIC, VIBRATION or MULTI-LED LIGHT to help even the deepest sleeper wake. the device consists of an alarm unit attached to sensor via cable connection.
2. Microcomputer control with intelligent design, Multi-alarm modes for you to select easily, including music, vibration and multi-LED light
3. High sensitivity and accuracy
4. Low power consumption
5. Low battery indicator
6. Easy to use, one-button operation to set up
7. The Sensor with a clamp, Convenience to Users
8. Powered by 2x AAA batteries. (Not Included)
9. Operating temperature: -30-60degree celsius
10. Operating humidity: 5%-95%
11. Alarm unit size: 80 x 50 x23mm

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